Home Buying Process!


1. Talk to A Mortgage Banker

Most people would think that finding a Realtor would be the first step in the home buying process. Getting "pre-approved" with a bank is a great way to understand what you are able to afford and gives you a parameter for what you will be searching for in a home!


2. Talk to A Realtor

Talk to a local Realtor about starting your home search. Realtors know the area and are able to determine if the homes you are looking at are worth what you will be spending. The Ron Weber Team has access to many properties before they hit the market which can be a great asset in a competitive market for home buyers.


3. Find a Home and Write an Offer

When you find "The One" your Realtor will sit down with you and go over the Purchase Agreement in depth making sure you understand every part of the contract. Our team will work hard at negotiations on the property for you. Our goal is to get the most amount of house for the least amount of money for our clients buying homes.


4. Home Inspections

Once we have a deal put together, Our team will line up inspections on your home. A professional inspector goes out to the home and goes through it with a fine tooth comb. You will be given a report of every condition of the property both good and bad. At this point we will have a few days of negotiation with the home seller if there is anything that you would like done to the property that came up in inspections.


5. Bank Appraisal

If you are getting a loan on the property the bank will send out an appraiser. The appraiser's job is to determine if the property is worth what the bank is loaning the money for. This protects the bank in the event of a foreclosure.


6. Final Walkthrough

A day or so before closing you and your Realtor will walk through the property one last time. The purpose of this is to ensure that the property is in the same condition as when you made the offer, and to check to make sure the seller completed all of the items that may have came up in inspection negotiations.


7. Closing!

You made it to closing! You will sit down at a title company and sign the final paperwork transferring the property officially into your name. Nothing beats the feeling of getting handed the keys to your new home!